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Published by Admin on 04/11/2018 in Commentary

Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of Purpose

We are a 24/7/365 local, regional & global tool for every Permaculturist to begin to cultivate demand for their knowledge & services via proactive permaculture community outreach to the 7+ billion people that have never heard of the principles, never met anyone locally that is involved, or are unwilling or unable to learn & do the work themselves. Not addressing them directly may be a blindspot in our overall approach to faster embrace and integration of permaculture by the masses. 

It is with these folks and on their acres and hectares that a tremendous opportunity for faster project implementation awaits us worldwide. Many of them will be very open to having someone else design and implement for them. Everyday they are searching about topics that are related or indirectly related to permaculture and each of us has a chance to attract them to our profiles, which may allow us to explain to them that, the topic they are interested in, is actually a small piece of a bigger permaculture picture.

The permaculture registry showcase platform is entirely intended for practitioner to non-practitoner oriented content. We are intentionally void of practitioner-to-practioner communication and collaboration, as there are already great venues to serve that purpose and to this particular group that level of discussion can confuse, overwhelm and even repel them from permaculture.

It is with community outreach that we might be able to be more effective, if everyone was provided the tools to help make it happen.

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