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Published by Admin on 03/29/2018 in General

Let's Make It Easy For the Public to Discover, Follow and Contact Us

Let's Make It Easy For the Public to Discover, Follow and Contact Us

Will the permaculture movement benefit if we help to make it fast and easy for every neighbor or potential client worldwide to find all of the local and regional permaculture practitioners that can help them immediately?

Will it help if we can place each and every active and learning practitioner in a position to get in front of the people in their communities that want, need and are looking for our help, now and in the future. This way, there is no learning required on their part to get the design and implementation started. Everyone involved benefits when the time-gap between learning of the existence permaculture and actually getting a project underway gets reduced to few weeks, rather than years. 

The size of the population that would enjoy the benefits of permaculture (but are not ready, willing or able to learn and do the work) is likely to be 10,000+ times the size of the actively learning & practicing permaculture community. Therefore, there is great opportunity here where we could focus a large part of our local and regional outreach efforts to usher the movement forward at a more rapid pace. There are many local groups who are doing boots-on-the-ground permaculture outreach. This should always be commended and is the ultimate goal. 

What Else Can We Do?

To multiply our collective efforts in the 21st Century, what else can each practitioner do? 

How do we reach even more members of the public that will like to hear what we have learned and what we are offering? 

Are they already looking for us indirectly? 

Could each practitioner simply introduce ourselves, document and share our permaculture journey in a digital journal so many in that enormous population could find us? 

Would that make each of us easier to find?

The architecture of the registry has been specifically designed to be recognized as a local public-to-professional matchmaking service earning the attention, authority and high rankings on the search engines of the content that is posted. Your local community members are currently searching for topics that are related to or indirectly related to permaculture, such as "container gardening", "fruit trees", "how to care for bees", "no-till gardening", "polyculture gardening", "sustainable gardening", "lawn alternatives", "how to compost", etc. The list is nearly endless and it is happening everyday.   

Some of these people in your region then discover the world of permaculture on the inwardly-focused content and collaboration venues that are really more for those that are willing and able to begin a learning process and journey. Many of the conversations that the new permaculture discoverers are finding are between experienced practitioners. This may not be ideal if we truly want to increase the rate of implementation globally. We see evidence that newcomers can get overwhelmed with these in-depth discussions because they think they need to learn it all themselves before they can benefit from a design implementation.

Practitioners are not likely to be found in the digital world by their local community without some content. Each of us can begin documenting our permaculture journey's on our registry profiles, using the multimedia journal entry features that we have added so far. Similar sites to the registry that serve local service businesses want $300-$3000 US per month for these features. Those economics may never make sense for permaculture designers, consultants or instructors, so we built a 24/7/365 digital permaculture outreach tool for every permaculturist on the planet to use in garnering the attention of the families, land owners, community project leaders, farms and local officials in their communities. Oh, and it is free [;o)

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