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Published by Admin on 03/30/2018 in News

Permaculture Instructors & Accompanying Sub-Categories Added

Permaculture Instructors & Accompanying Sub-Categories Added

We have recently added sub-categories to the Permaculture Instructor category. This will help differentiate between various instructor roles, such as teachers, creators of onsite courses, online courses and demonstration site operators and creators as well. You can select all that apply to your circumstances.

Are You Seeking More Clients and/or Students?

If your intent, purpose or mission is to volunteer your permaculture knowledge in your community or offer your services for-hire, now or in the future, grab an account on the public-facing outreach platform today. Use your profile to introduce yourself to your regional community with thorough informative listing details and then begin posting content in your multimedia journal that cultivates understanding and demand for these services by your local & regional neighbors. The registry showcase is the venue where every practitioner will be focused 100% on Permaculturist to Non-Permaculturist communication, content and dialogue. In other words, Permaculture Community-Outreach.  

We are intentionally void of practitioner-to-practioner communication and collaboration here on the registry showcase project. For much of the world's 7+ billion people that are unaware of permaculture or anyone near them that is involved, being immediately exposed to those higher level conversations like that can serve to confuse, overwhelm and even repel newcomers from permaculture that were simply searching online for "lawn alternatives", "caring for bees", "organic gardening", "family resiliency", "homesteading" or any of the thousands of topics that are related or indirectly related to permaculture. Your neighbors are searching everyday for topics that they care about but do not know that it is actually a small piece of a bigger picture. We can begin to attract these local searchers globally and allow them to get to know us, follow our progress, share our content and eventually call on us for design or project implementation help. 

It is with the people that either want quick results, or those that are unwilling or unable to learn or do the work themselves, and on their acres and hectares that the biggest opportunity for widespread permaculture growth and acceptance awaits us. We should continue to train and certify as much as we can but it may not be enough and it may be too slow of a process for us to see the more rapid progress that we would all like to see.   

For more, see our in-depth and more descriptive post: 

Why the Permaculture Registry Showcase Project? 

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