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Published by Admin on 03/12/2018 in General

The Permaculture Registry Launch

Welcome to our lofty project! Getting every certified permaculture designer and instructor on the planet registered and posting their permaculture journey and content is no easy task, so please share our site with practitioners locally, on the social media platforms that you use and in practitioner forums that you visit.  

Once your account has been activated you may add your content and details to your profile on the practitioner showcase catalog. To improve your exposure, try to provide as much information about yourself, your ideas and skills as possible. Add new content daily if at all possible so that your profile page will become prominent in the search engines as well as on the registry home page. Even posting short thoughts about your permaculture perspective on daily news or status updates on projects you are working one. Your posts can be text, audio or video. Whatever works for you.

Take advantage of it. Post content daily and generate a following locally. Ask friends, neighbors, clients and colleagues to post recommendations on your profile and show everyone what designs you are working on, what you learned or observed today through your permaculture lens and what current news item may relate back to permaculture and the services that you provide.

We're helping you promote your permaculture skills to the masses.

We permaculturists or 'permies' as we often say are so good at congregating amongst ourselves in digital forums, groups or even local meetups to learn, compare notes and participate in permaculture 'shop-talk'. We are great at that!

However, wouldn't you agree that, as a movement and budding profession, we are actually NOT very good at projecting, promoting and offering our skills to folks that have no intention or desire in learning the skills for themselves but would absolutely LOVE to have a permaculture design crafted and implemented in their garden, lawn, landscape, farm, homestead or community plot?

This makes total sense though doesn't it?

For example, just because a consumer needs or wants a new driveway or custom cabinetry, does not mean that the person wants to know all there is about the science and art of asphalt paving or geometrical woodworking right? So with this in mind, why do we seem to expect every person that could need or want the benefits of permaculture to have to learn everything there is about it for themselves before they can benefit? This expectation may be limiting the awareness and growth of the permaculture movement, which is why we took on this project in the first place.

We believe that it is time for the movement to get serious about taking a little time to face the masses, the public, the potential clients that what the benefits of what permaculture provides but cannot commit to learning, designing and implementing a project on their land for themselves. This group of land owners may be 1000X or 10000X the size of the permaculture community so this is where most of the growth opportunity of the movement resides. It may be wise to acknowledge that the key going forward may not always be about training and certifying our way to widespread permaculture design and implementation but rather training the public on how to easily locate someone 11 miles away (with a few simple clicks) that is already certified, experienced and can create an excellent regenerative design and implementation plan for them right now... no learning required.

Our development team has spent years perfecting the technology to make this project possible. We are making it simple for everyone, including search engines, to discover all of the skilled permaculture practitioners, no matter where they are in the world. Permies can easily post all of their design ideas, podcasts, articles, blog posts, videos, status updates, social feeds, events, design portfolio photos, reviews, courses and contact details into the professional profile showcase catalog. This makes it easy for search engines to index all of your content in one spot and display your content-rich profile page to the people in your neighborhood, community and region that are searching for someone with skills like yours!

If you need any assistance while using our site, please reply directly.

Thank you,

The Permaculture Registry Team!

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