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Published by Admin on 03/14/2018 in General

The Permaculture Registry Pre-Launch, Beta Testing & Launch

The Permaculture Registry Pre-Launch, Beta Testing & Launch

Help to get the word out about the launch to usher the site to completion, accuracy and usefulness globally. We're currently functioning at 100% but would like to ensure most of the bugs have been handled. 

If you are a certified permaculture designer, consultant, instructor, real estate specialist, course provider or demonstration site, please register today to help us locate any glitches we have not discovered ourselves.

Let's make it easy for the people that cannot or will not learn permaculture for themselves to find, follow and contact practitioners locally, regionally, nationally and globally with a few clicks.

This population might be 1,000 or 10,000 times the size of the current permaculture practitioner community and may be the key for the movement to grow faster and to enter into the mainstream. So many of these people, knowingly or unknowingly, would love the benefit of a permaculture design on their property or community plot without having to learn everything first.

If these folks only knew there was a certified practitioner 11 miles down the road that has been documenting their permaculture journey with posted articles, status-updates, podcasts, a beautiful before-and-after design portfolio, photos and client recommendations, they would quickly discover that they could have a permaculture design in place for themselves without years of learning.

How much faster could the pemaculture movement grow? We hope the Permaculture Registry project can help. Let's serve these folks well!

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