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Published By Andrew Faust on 04/03/2018

Natural Building & Healthy Home Building Service


  • Siting Buildings

  • Straw Bale Construction

  • Cob Buildings

  • Clay Plasters

  • Earthen Floors

  • Natural Tiny Houses

  • Non-Toxic Floor Finishes

  • Pole Barns and Outbuildings

We combine our experience in natural building and landscape construction to create healthy homes for healthy people. We will site buildings to be well located in regards to water drainage around them and maximize the natural benefits of being oriented to the sun for winter homes and towards the north for passive cooling and root cellars.


Integrating building complexes, outbuildings, three season camps and year round winterized buildings. Using a maximum of local natural, on-site materials,local lumber mills and builders, we build off the grid strawbale year round homes, cob cottages, summer kitchens, pole barns for livestock, intern housing, tent platforms, showers, outhouses, and off grid water systems to supply them all with plentiful reliable high quality water and living.


We look forward to creating true havens of health and prosperity for you and your community to celebrate living on this bountiful Earth!

Published by

Andrew Faust

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Member since 04/11/2018

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