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Published By Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

Review Services


Has someone else put together a design for your land? Have you taken a design course and put one together yourself? Are a designer who would like your work peer reviewed through the lens of permaculture?

We are happy to review your design work and provide feedback. We look at a variety of design parameters including food production, water and energy systems, structures, and community interaction.

Terra Phoenix Design offers the following packages. The more time we spend with your matierals or on your site, the more insightful our feedback will be.

  • Basic Service - Our design team spends two hours looking over your design, marks it up with our comments, and returns it to you.
  • Advanced Service - Our design team reviews your design and creates a report fine-tuning your concepts, identifying issues requiring further thought, and providing further recommendations.
  • Premium Service - All benefits of Advanced Service plus a site visit of up to four hours.

Project Review Service

Is your project underway? Would you like someone to check in occasionally to see how things are developing?

We offer a subscription service where one of our team members will visit your developing site on a quarterly/semiannual/annual basis. While on the site they will be able to make recommendations on proceeding in the most efficient, effective way. The visiting consultant will then create a report from their visit detailing the progress to-date and recommendations for the future.

If the initial design needs to be modified due to unforeseen circumstances the visiting consultant can also make recommendations on how to tweak it so that all the valuable relationships in the design remain intact.

Real Estate Search

Are you trying to select a piece of land for your sustainability project? Would you like someone to accompany you and give their opinion on the properties you are considering?

We pride ourselves on our experience in reading landscapes and recognizing opportunities and contraints. One of our designers can accompany you while touring prospective properties and helping you assess them in terms of passive solar potential, food production potential, microclimates, existing resources, and suitability for your vision. Contact us for more info.

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