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Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

Episode 010, Dave Boehnlein: Permaculture Tools for Climate Change Design

In this episode we explore the climatic design tools used by Dave's Permaculture design firm, Terra-Phoenix. Dave has been planning Permaculture properties all over the world and has developed methods for assessing the "climate analogue" of an area. He uses his climate analogue identification process to find other places in the world with remarkably similar conditions. This has enabled him to create plant assemblages that are productive and resilient, building designs that are appropriate and efficient, and master plans that will withstand the test of time. We discuss climate change forecasts, invasive and rampant species, and much more!

Dave's show links:

Practical Permaculture Book Link

Terra Phoenix Design Link

Fruit Trees and More Custom Propagation Nursery - Bob & Verna Duncan in Coastal B.C.

ForeCASTS Project - Climate Change Tree Maps (note: some links don't seem to work...i.e. Ponderosa Pine)

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