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How the Permaculture Registry & Outreach Showcase Works

Discover Permaculture Designers, Consultants & Instructors

Use our advanced search tools to find designers, consultants, and instructors. Discover registered permaculturists regionally and locally in over 200 countries with readability in over 85 languages.

Follow Practitioner Profiles Near You and Research Their Services & Multimedia Journal Entries

Follow, research and share the content of the local and regional permaculturists near you. Browse their introductions, listing details, services, view workshops they've attended, the knowledge & skills they are acquiring, their videos, audio & podcasts, articles, blog posts, status updates, scheduled local events, courses, online webinars, credentials, commentary, general photo albums, growing design portfolio photo albums of past projects, the demonstration sites that they may be involved with and their special service offers.

Contact Your Local or Regional Permaculture Service Provider

Once you find the designer, consultant, or instructor that you like and would enjoy speaking with, reach out to them using the Send-A-Message or Tap-to-Call buttons so they can respond to your inquiry and assist you. See how they can teach you or provide you with a permaculture design or implementation, without you having to spend MONTHS or YEARS learning the skills yourself, before starting your project!