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Published by Admin on 03/29/2018 in General

Feedback: What Other Journal Entry Types Might Be Helpful for Local & Regional Community Outreach by Permaculture Practitioners?

Feedback: What Other Journal Entry Types Might Be Helpful for Local & Regional Community Outreach by Permaculture Practitioners?

We're looking for feedback on any additional profile journal entry types that may be useful for publicly documenting your permaculture journey and allowing your local and regional neighbors to discover your content, follow your progress and really get to know you. 

The purpose of the multimedia profile journal is for members of the communities where each permaculture practitioner lives, to get a chance to easily learn about our learning journey's, the value of the knowledge we have acquired and the service that we can bring to their land, farm, urban setting or community landscape. These curated journals can become 24/7/365 digital outreach machines for every practitioner on a global scale.   


Your local community members are currently searching for topics that are related to or indirectly related to permaculture, such as "fruit trees", "how to care for bees", "no-till gardening", "polyculture gardening", "sustainable gardening", "lawn alternatives", "how to compost", etc. The list of related searches is nearly endless and it is happening everyday. 

The permaculture journal entries on the profiles of each practitioner can attract many of these local searchers when the search matches a local journal entry topic. This can immediately give them a knowledgeable local resource that they can turn to, rather than them developing the perception that, because they don't know anyone locally that can help them, they need to spend months or years learning about permaculture principles themselves before getting a design and implementation completed.

It is possible that this perceived barrier-to-implementation is severely limiting permaculture project implementation growth worldwide. In a world of increasing expectation of instant or near-instant gratification, once a new-discoverer-of-permaculture finds that there is quite a bit to learn and a fair amount of work to be done, many of them may be simply giving-up at the thought that they too can have an amazing and productive design for themselves. It is precisely these people that are likely to be very open to having someone else design and implement for them, if they only knew local permaculturists existed and are just a few miles down the road. 

If you have any profile journal entry types that we have missed and you think may be helpful to practitioners and the communities they serve, please let us know >>> Contact Us

Example profile >>> Sally Sampledesigner

Thank you for any feed back you can provide.

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