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Posted by Dave Boehnlein on 04/03/2018

Feral Faerie Farm


Transitioning an Overgrown Christmas Tree Farm to a Thriving Family Homestead 

  • Dryad, WA - 350 ft / 105 m 
  • 31 acres / 12.5 hectares 
  • Family Homestead 

About Feral Faerie Farm

The vision for this project is to create a family homestead focused on building self-reliance, supporting ecological function, and sharing lessons learned with a community of like-minded people. 


Master Planning Process 

Our design team headed down to the small town of Dryad, WA one brisk winter day. We met the family for whom we would be creating a design and immediately headed out to trek about the property on our own a bit. We often like to explore alone first, so we can observe with an unbiased eye. Soon we met up with our client and spent a few days alternating between asking them questions and exploring the property further. This helped us to get a very keen idea of what their goals were as well as becoming as familiar with the land as possible. We kept in touch for the next few months as our design ideas rattled around. We checked in with the clients periodically to see what they thought of various ideas and continued making headway. Ultimately, we put together a master plan that provides a solid, logical pathway to achieve their goals. Major considerations included coppice agroforestry plots, integrating livestock with alleycropping systems, and homestead infrastructure. The client intended to have family and friends help with the implementation, so having a master plan was critical to make sure everyone was on the same page. 


Follow-Up & Implementation 

With the master plan in hand, these clients will begin the process of clearing land for residential and schoolhouse structures. They will also begin fencing and planting (likely with the fall rains). As they move through this process, Terra Phoenix will be available to help them in any way necessary. 


For more informationhttp://feralfaeriefarm.org/ 

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