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Dave Boehnlein

Principal & Co-Founder at Terra Phoenix Design
Seattle Washington 98164

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My Permaculture Services, Journal Entries & Contact Details

Dave Boehnlein's Services

Review Services

Has someone else put together a design for your land? Have you taken a design course and put one together yourself? Are...

Master Planning

An integrated master plan is essential for getting projects off the ground and moving in the right direction. Terra Phoenix...

Our Design Ethos

Today there are many design firms out there claiming to be sustainable, ecological, and “green.” Some of these...

Dave Boehnlein's Blog & Status Updates

The Income: Permaculture & Economic Viability (Permaculture Perspective Series #3)

A design process must have a goal (an intended outcome). What is it we are trying to achieve with this design? On one hand,...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/05/2018

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The Invitation: Permaculture, Holism & the First Step (Permaculture Perspective Series #2)

One thing I find I must keep reminding folks who have just been introduced to Permaculture is that there is absolutely nothing...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

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The Interface, Permaculture Design & Other Disciplines (Permaculture Perspective Series #1)

Permaculture gives us a process through which we can take a piece of land, a community, or a workspace. What is the goal...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

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Patterns From Nature

Here we are again; ready to embark on another spring at the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead. This time of year always...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

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Dave Boehnlein's Video Based Posts

Systems Thinking

Permaculture helps people to see the world in a holistic way and realize that everything is interconnected. Using Systems...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

Passion for Permaculture

Uplifting people into active service and stewardship of the Earth, permaculture empowers people to step into action and...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/03/2018

Dave Boehnlein Audio Based Posts

Permaculture, The Future of Business & Beyond, An Interview Compilation

This episode is a compilation of interviews that were recorded during PV1 - March 13-16, 2014.The general theme of this episode is how business can benefit from permaculture. How we...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

Episode 010, Dave Boehnlein: Permaculture Tools for Climate Change Design

In this episode we explore the climatic design tools used by Dave's Permaculture design firm, Terra-Phoenix. Dave has been planning Permaculture properties all over the world...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/04/2018

Dave Boehnlein's Design Portfolio Photo Albums

The Winther House

About the Winther HouseThe Winther House is a residential project on beautiful Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound. The...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/10/2018

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Feral Faerie Farm

Transitioning an Overgrown Christmas Tree Farm to a Thriving Family Homestead Dryad, WA - 350 ft / 105 m 31 acres...

Published by Dave Boehnlein on 04/03/2018

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"...hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.“ -Bill Mollison

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More About Dave Boehnlein

Dave Boehnlein serves as the principal for Terra Phoenix Design. He received his B.S. in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies from the University of Minnesota. Dave is also the education director at the Bullock's Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island where he lived for seven years.

With varied backgrounds such as organizational leadership, internship/apprenticeship program design, and trail work Dave brings a unique set of skills to the Terra Phoenix team. In the rainforests of Central America Dave learned about permaculture and tropical agroforestry systems. From there he went on to learn a wide variety of design and implementation skills with the Bullocks.

Dave's freelance teaching services are highly sought after by universities, nonprofits, and other organizations. He offers Permaculture Design Courses through Bastyr University's Holistic Landscape Design Certificate Program and Alderleaf Wilderness College's Wilderness Certification Program. Dave is a member of both the Cascadia Permaculture Institute and the Permaculture Institute of North America. He holds a diploma in Permaculture Education and seeks to mainstream permaculture design with integrity.

To that end, Dave teamed up with landscape designer and author, Jessi Bloom, and illustrator, Paul Kearsley, to write Practical Permaculture, an excellent entry-level permaculture design text.

In addition, Dave is passionate about plants, especially weird but useful ones. Ultimately, Dave just wants to make the world a better place and eat really good fruit while doing it. Dave is particularly interested in education, the mainstreaming of sustainability, and keeping things organized.